Light Rail System

Light Rail System
Light Rail System
Product Description
  • Equipped to handle a high flow of traveling trolleys and lifting components.
  • Allows for easier coupling of the modular parts used to make the system, even at a height.
  • Specially designed trolleys, both manual and electrical, ply on the external of its beam.
  • Higher visibility and faster accessibility of the system helps with periodic inspection and maintenance activities of the crane.
  • Travel and lifting components can be easily electrified using a trailing cable system or a conductor system. Current collectors are incorporated on the LR+s beam to facilitate this without using additional space.
  • Connecting sections of different sizes makes the structure modular and futuristic.
  • A suspended ball and socket arrangement on articulated joints allows for pendulation up to 8 maximizes horizontal force and stress on the support structures.
  • Equipped with the following features, the joint systems used in the LR+ beams ensure maximum functionality and reliability.
  • Perfectly aligned profiles with precision centers given by frustum conic compasses.
  • Easy accessibility to the fixing screw allows for easy fitting and inspection.
  • The use of binx nuts and auto-locking ensures protection against unscrewing.
  • Protection from corrosion using bolted and galvanized joints.
  • Profiles 150, 210 and 270 can cover a load range up to 2000kgs which maximizes suspension distance.
  • A flat four pole bus bar with a block plug protects against the risk of contact by accident or flexible festoon line cable systems with trolleys positioned in the LR+s beam.
  • The maximum load carrying capacity of a profile helps save costs by minimizing steel support construction, number of suspension components and installation time.
  • With all three sizes being easily interconnection, the design is the most modular alternative track system seen.
  • An option for busbar or festoon for electric supply system is not just safe and easy but also makes maintenance easier.
  • Equipped with a smooth sliding surface for trolley wheels. Wheels of the cross-travel trolley can also be easily inspected.
  • Treatment of surface preparation and painting is made easy.
  • Profiles are highly stable even when horizontal force is applied.


2 TONS (2000 kg)

Wheelbase Suspension


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